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Nowadays people generally look for the best café sushi in their town where they can enjoy fast service and great tea. Our Go Fish Sushi in Roxbury excels in these services. If we talk about our highlights, fast service and great tea are the two best services that we provide to our customers. We are also popular for our lunch, dinner and solo dining. We offer healthy options to our customers and small plates to save food and make them taste everything as per their preference. We also provide many dining options such as desserts, table service and takeaway offers if the customers are in a hurry.

You will find the atmosphere of our Café sushi always casual and cozy. Generally, this place is most visited by tourists and college students. People come with their families at night for dining purpose. You will always find great rush here so we also provide with pre-booking facilities that you can avail by visiting our official website. We also update our daily menu on the website so that you can check it out and plan accordingly. You are recommended to reserve your table for dinner as sometimes it becomes difficult for customers to get a table free for them. We accept reservation online as well as you can book your table for a special occasion by visiting our café and get detailed information about the terms and conditions. You can even cancel your booking if your plan changes. We never charge anything from customers for it.

You can taste our specialized item sushi and other related drinks which we prepare with the help of our highly experienced chefs. Our servants also serve you with the best of their ability and hence we invite you to come to our café and enjoy our facilities.